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In the spring of 1888, Rabbi Dov Behr Manischewitz opened a small Matzo bakery in Cincinnati, Ohio. Today, Manischewitz is the nation's largest manufacturer of processed kosher food products. Schmidt Baking Company is honored to distribute Manischewitz Rye breads to consumers in the Eastern Seaboard region longing for quality, kosher New York style rye breads.

What does Kosher mean?

Kosher is a Hebrew term, which literally means "fit" or "acceptable". When referring to food, it indicates that the food conforms to Jewish Dietary laws and is "acceptable" to those who adhere to Kosher food requirements. Thus, the most familiar use of the term "Kosher" in Jewish tradition refers to its application to food.

Just as it is widely recognized that certain foods are conducive to a person's physical well-being, the Bible has established criteria for foods that are supportive of a Jew's spiritual well-being. Foods produced according to Kosher requirements are considered spiritually nourishing, and are therefore regarded as "Kosher". Foods that contain non-approved ingredients are referred to as "non-Kosher". The Kosher diet has been one of the anchors of the Jewish People, and for this reason maintaining the integrity of the Kosher status of foods is accorded the highest importance. Even a small amount of non-approved material may prevent a food from being considered Kosher. addition, there are many people who look for a Kosher seal as a sign of food prepared in a more healthful fashion. In fact, there are many different reasons why the public will search for a recognized Kosher symbol...Marketplace studies have shown that upwards of six million consumers regularly look for some form of Kosher indication when they shop, and that number keeps growing.

The Kosher market generates almost two billion dollars in sales annually, from 20,000 available Kosher certified products... The Kosher symbol (allows) access to a market of over 6 million people, of which, interestingly enough, Jews are in the minority. Seventh-day Adventists, Muslims, vegetarians and people with food allergies and other medical considerations - as well as the Kosher consumer - all benefit from Kosher certified products.

What does Kosher Mean Source: KOF K Kosher Supervision, January, 2012

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